Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Performing Arts

People in wartime

  • Photographer
    Masaya Mizuno

What kind of people will appear in wartime?

Soldiers, women who protect their families, looters, those who are
frightened of death.
However, some people do not forget hope until the end.

I believe.
Do not forget hope until the end, bring peace to this world.

I was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and currently work in advertising and book design in Tokyo. Photography is not my main job, but I have worked in a photography studio and have been working freelance until today. I am good at taking pictures of people who move in any places such as performing arts and dancing.

Awards Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2019 (PX3)
Silver - Press / Performing Arts

Budapest International Foto Awards 2019 (BIFA)
1st Place/Gold - Events