Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Still Life

Lost In Time

  • Company
    Theo Deproost Photography
  • Photographer
    Theo Deproost
  • Credit
    Theo Deproost, Museum In The Park

This series was shot as part of an ongoing personal project, in
collaboration with a local museum in Gloucestershire, UK. These
tropical butterflies were collected, preserved and donated to the
museum in the mid-20th Century, but have never actually been
displayed. Instead, their vividly coloured and intricately patterned
bodies were shut inside a wooden box and placed on a shelf in the
museum stores, where they have remained for decades. Through
creative lighting techniques, these images seek to portray the
strange stasis that these butterflies have been trapped within -
protected from the normal passing of Time and the decay and
destruction it brings to all living things. Preserved in darkness.