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The Lord’s Children

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    Isabel Corthier Photographer
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    Isabel Corthier

The terror caused by the Lord's Resistance Army, led by Joseph
Kony is one of Africa's longest running and most hidden conflicts.

Over the last three decades, the rebel group has been blamed for
the slaughter of more than 100,000 people, rape, sexual
enslavement, mutilation, maiming and the kidnapping of more
than 60,000 children in different countries in Africa.
Once abducted, young boys are forced to serve as a soldier in the
army, girls are used as sexual slaves and domestic servants.

In Lira (Uganda), the Rachele School is giving councelling and
education to formerly abducted children. I have portrayed some of
them. Even though the 'life in the bush' is part of their past, the
war leaves indelible traces.
In the shadowparts of the portraits, I have digitally added the
colours of the flag of the LRA, as a sign of the horrible memories
these young people carry.

“I am fascinated by people and especially by their strength to cope with difficult situations.  In my work, I like to highlight the power that humans can show in order to survive, and their creativity when options are limited. Due to this vision, my approach is often a positive one, even in the most extreme situations.”

Isabel Corthier is a documentary photographer who works internationally for humanitarian organisations like MSF, Caritas,... Her work is published in National Geographic NL, BBC, El Pais, De Volkskrant,...
Her work won several awards. Isabel is a Fujifilm X ambassador.

Awards 2019
Honorable mention category Editorial/Press: Other

Gold Award category Press/Other

Honorable mention category: Editorial - Conflict

Gold Award category Press/Other – “Balancing on the rope of peace”

Honorable mention category: People
Nominated in category: Photojournalism
12th International Color Awards, California

Honorable mention category: People
Honorable mention in category: Photojournalism
12th Black & White Spider Awards, California

Nominated category: Photojournalism
Honorable mention in category: People
11th Black & White Spider Awards, California

Remarkable Artwork
Category: Fragile Ice: Glaciers and polar regions on a changing planet
SIPA – Siena International Photography Awards, Italy

2 x Honorable mention category: People - Children of the World
10th Black & White Spider Awards, California

3 x Honorable mention categories: Portrait, People and Aerial.
9th International Color Awards, California

1st place and Gold Star Award People: Travel

Award Best body of work - Series Encounters in South Sudan
International Photography Museum and Gallery Alliance (IPMGA) at the
ICCR, Calcutta, India

Silver award category colour
Silver award category black & white
CIDPAE, Lishui, China

Golden award Category black and white
CIDPAE, Lishui, China