Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Travel/Tourism

Sapa child

  • Photographer

When I arrived to Sapa in the North Vietnam,
I took a hiking-trip,
In the French style building,
I also saw the ethnic minorities who lived in the border,
Such visual conflict shows about the baptism of different

Under the poverty gap,
In order to live,
Local children must become a little seller,
Therefor their language skills obtain increase because of the
poverty environment,
In such a realistic situation in Sapa,
I tried to digest the sudden negative emotions,
Heart was full of helplessness, compassion, angry ... various
emotions all in the fuzzy zone.
And the images would project the creation act by the motion
just now,
So I capture that moment and the non-repetitive images in the
passage of time,
Witnessed the occurrence of history,
Indeed people need some adventure mood to prove their