Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

Mindset Transitions - BW1

  • Photographer
    Mercedes Parodi

This series of images is from Part IV of The Versailles Project.
The theme of Part IV is Vision and Mindset as the ultimate Tools of
Extraordinary dreams and objectives are the product of
exceptional Vision, and the drive to fulfill them is fuelled by
These composite abstractions of water and light seek to
materialise the abstract notion of mindset transitions from
Tectonic to Stable, Conflictual to Serene, Wavering to Steadfast,
Double to Single Focus.

Mercedes Parodi is a British photographic artist, based in London and in Aix en Provence, France, who explores from a psychological and existential perspective themes relating to power, perception of reality, energetic forces, mindset, self-empowerment and wellbeing.

Group Exhibition
2020 - 'Occupy the Void' - Photo50 - London Art Fair

Solo Exhibitions
2018 - 'Versailles and the Waters of Antiquity', Spa Thermes Sextius, Aix en Provence, France

2013 - 'The Fountains Night Show' - La Fontaine Obscure (photographic association), Aix en Provence, France

Awards LICC (London International Creative Competition) 2020 finalist in the Create (Art) category for the 10-image series 'You will always Be'

Honorable mentions and nominations (Pro)

IPA 2020
'You will always Be' - WS1-10

PX3 2020
‘You will always Be’ - WS 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10

FAPA 2020
‘You will always Be’ - WS 1,8,9,10

IPA 2018
'Mindset Transitions - BW2'

PX3 2018
'Mindset Transitions - BW1'

IPA 2017
'Jupiter Latona Juno - The Love Triangle'
'Mindset Transitions - 1'
'Mindset Transitions - BW1
'Royal Star 3'
'Royal Star 4'

Monochrome Awards 2017
'Vision and Mindset – From Doubt to Self-Belief’
'Vision and Mindset - From Latent to Pure Energy'
'Mindset Transitions - From Tectonic to Stable'

FAPA 2016
'Jupiter Latona Juno - The Love Triangle'
'Royal Star 4'

IPA 2016
'Modular Abstraction 1'

PX3 2016
'Modular Abstraction 1'
'Facing the Strange - A David Bowie Tribute'

Monochrome Awards 2016
'Modular Abstraction 1'
'Royal Star 2'

Monochrome Awards 2015
'Apollo served by the Nymphs'