Honorable Mention / 2018 / Book (series Only) / Fine Art

Realm of Happiness

  • Company
    Opalix Studio
  • Photographer
    Hansa Tangmanpoowadol
  • Credit
    Hansa Tangmanpoowadol

Realm of Happiness is the project that I have been planning and
working on for over a decade as it is not meant to be a mere
collection of photographs from personal taste as it is almost
always the case with a photobook. It is usually starts from an
initial intention or aspiration of a photographer, or more broadly,
any artists or artistic creators of sorts, and later develops into a
deep wish to publish his or her own selection of works in beautiful
books even though the world has entered a full-fledged digital era
when an urge to study, research, and learn about new things
through physical books (hard copies) has drastically dwindled.
In addition, I have also held an interest in drawing since I was
young. This love of art had predated the time I was acquainted
with photography. After I have realized the value of paintings.

I was born in Bangkok (Thailand) in 1971.I am an artist living and working in Bangkok and most of my life I spent in that city where I currenly reside.From a very young age,I was very attracted in painting as means of expression.But life took me to other way.I was graduated in Photography and Cinematography Technology from Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep in 1992. I starts my worklife in Advertising photography. Always I joined in photo competition.I have participated in photography group exhibitions locally and international. I won many prizes in the local and international phot

Fiap Gold Medal: The 10th International Artistic Photo Contest in Vietnam 2019
2nd Place: Environmental: Chromatic Awards 2019
3rd Place: Fashion and Beauty: Chromatic Awards 2019
Gold Medal: Shanghai Overseas Chinese Photographer's Association 2017
1st Place: DJI Aerial Photo Awards: International Mountain Summit (IMS) 2016
1st Place: One Asean,One Biodiversity: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity 2015
Winner: Royal Horticultural Society 2013 (RHS): Theme-People in the Garden
Winner: Ariano Film Festival 2013, ITALY
Best of Show: Images from the Glass eye: Tehama Country Visitor Centre Gallery, California, U.S.A.
Editorial Award: World Photography Gala Awards (WPGA): Theme-Open
Commendation Prize: Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) 2007: Theme-Celebration of Our Living Culture
Gold Medal: Project Shutter 2007: Theme-Culture_Live in my City
Honorable Mention: Nikon Photo Contest International (NPCI) 1989-1990
Honorable Mention: Canon Asia Pacific Photo Contest 1987-1988