Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Nature/Environmental

The Convoy

  • Photographer
    Oded Wagenstein

A convoy of reindeer belonging to Serotetto family (white reindeer),
part of the nomadic Nenets tribe, during their migration over the frozen river of Ob. Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia.

In recent years the Serotetto family lost more than fifty percent of their precious herd to starvation and they are not alone. It is believed that in the last two years, tens of thousands of reindeer died in the Yamal Peninsula alone (not to mention the rest of the Arctic region) because of the changing climate - the reindeer cannot break the ice to find their food, and thus they die of starvation.

For the people and animals living in the Arctic, "Global Warming" is not a debatable headline but a destructive daily reality.

Oded Wagenstein (born 1986) uses the photographic medium to explore
the relationship between aging, exclusion, and longing.
His work has been published, among other platforms, by National Geographic, BBC, The Guardian, VOGUE and has been displayed around the world, including exhibitions presented in the National Portrait Gallery (London, UK), the United Nations (NYC, USA), Red Square’s State Historical Museum of Russia (Moscow, Russia) and the NSW Parliament House (Sydney, Australia).