Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / People_FA

Be unique

  • Photographer

The project 'Be Unique' delivers parts of me from my cognition and
delusion to myself.
I always feel uneasy and somehow have an indescribable fear
about facing the camera. Given that, I let myself hide behind the
camera, away from it and take the photo for others.To me, taking
photo is similar to drawing or sketching, when I am shooting the
very person, I definitely put some of my attributes into the picture
that people could find.
Even these five people aren't actually me, however, I kind of
reflecting my spirit on them, making them could be me in another
way around.
Since one's inclination can show their personality, in these
pictures, the posture represents 70% of my nature, and the other
30%, I apply lots of stuff I like to show the connection between the
objects and me at certain extent, such as candies, stickers, toys
and palette.

Hsiu-Han Huang is a Taiwanese fineart photographer based in Taoyuan city. Born in 1994. She major in commercial design.