Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA

Leopard Spotted Horse with Dalmatians in a Landscape

  • Company
    Ripley Fine Art
  • Photographer

This large-scale piece is a personal work Ripley had in his mind
for a number of years. Planning and primary photography was
completed throughout 2015/16, and the final picture composed
between January and April 2017.

Over 500 hours of finely detailed work, the image is a
composition of 60 individual ultra high-resolution medium-
format images; 23 x Dalmatians, 1 x Leopard Spotted Horse, 36
x sky and landscape.

The artwork is constructed using panoramas many pictures
wide, and many layers deep, with shifts of focus throughout the
image. This time-intensive process means that every element of
the picture is rendered sharp and in-focus by eliminating 99% of
the optical depth-of-field artefacts normally associated with
traditional photography.

Scale 90 x 40 ins / 228.5 x 101.6 cm
(26991 x 11998px @300dpi)

©2017 Ripley / ripleyfineart.com