Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Abstract

Concerning the abstract in photography

  • Company
    KONG Media
  • Photographer
    Hanjo Jung

Would ‘the abstract’ be possible in photography? In fact, photography
contradicts the abstract, since photography has to face the object as it
is – the reality. However, many photographers have explored the field
of ‘abstract photography’ through the process of constructing objects in
abstract ways. Still, unlike paintings. it is not easy to express the pure
abstract absolutely free from the object.
In 2017, I attempted a unique experiment of abstract photographs by
taking photographs of ancient tombs of monarchs and the royal
families of the Ancient Korea. While capturing the abstract shape of the
ancient tomb itself, I added some simple drawings of figurative symbols
that I was inspired by paintings of Malevich, the Russian painter, to
express becoming and unbecoming between ‘the abstract’ and ‘the
photographed abstract.’ I explored a new possibility for the abstract
photography in this project. The five photographs are the outcome of
the experiment.

I am a Korean photographer and photo critic. I majored in fine art and photography in University, Korea and got a doctor’s degree in Art Plastic. Since then, I have established KONG Media and started planning · making documentary photographs and films. I have presented a lot of documentary photographs and won 30 prizes at the leading international photo contests like IPA and P×3, etc. In addition, I also planned several documentary films.