Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Collage


  • Company
    Kristofer Dan-Bergman Photo
  • Photographer
    Kristofer Dan-Bergman

The 'allONE' series is part of an annual project where I use my
friends as co creators. The series is more of a conceptual
photograph than a collage but each person is photographed
individually and the stories are put together in post production.

The 'allONE' series concept is based on how we interact today and
the obvious thing to me was to put this in a coffee shop. All
images were shot in one evening without knowing what the stories
would be.

Swedish born New York residing photographer. Raised in a theater family with writers and painters in the expanded family. Started out as a photo journalist and segued into advertising photography and lately Fine Arts. Also shoot documentary still stories when a topic or story sounds interesting. Latest was a one month stint in Eastern Africa with the Spark Micro Grants NGO. The personal project I did there was a series of portraits which was exhibited at Fotografiska in Stockholm as well as MOCADA museum in Brooklyn.

Awards AI-AP 32
Communication Arts 13
Graphis Photography 2015, 2014
Creative Quarterly 53, 42, 39, 35, 31,
One Eyeland, 2018, 2014
APA, 2018
American Aparture (AX3)
PX3, 2018
Applied Arts,