Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Feature Story

Manila's Charcoal Harvesting families

  • Company
    McDonnell Media
  • Photographer
    Ted McDonnell

In the poorest slum areas around Manila, children as young as
three spend their days sitting in soot and breathing in coal dust
and toxic smoke as they help their families eke out a living making
charcoal out of wood scavenged from rubbish dumps and
construction sites.Joyce, a single mother in her 30s, has seven
children aged from three to 10. They don't go to school – they all
work together from early morning to dusk packing bags of
charcoal to earn around 192 pesos (about £2.85) a day.Her
children's faces and hands are blackened with coal dust; their eyes
red and sore, their noses constantly dripping, and their lungs filled
with the dust from the charcoal and pungent smoke that fills the
air of the charcoal harvesting area. They will be lucky to reach
their teenage years without suffering major health problems or
even death from pulmonary disorders.

Award winning photojournalist & photographer Ted McDonnell shoots documentary and editorial projects for magazines and newspapers.
Also photographs for commercial and corporates.

Awards Semi-Finalist - Moran Photographic Prize 2011
Honourable Mention - 2013 IPA Awards (Editorial/Personality)