Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / People_FA

Fluid Project

  • Company
    Blake Little Photography
  • Photographer
    Blake Little

Currently in production, FLUID documents trans women and
men with particular attention to diversity of class, race, age,
geographic location and vocation. In the production of his first
twenty subjects in 2017, Little has captured a range of details -
-from confident, poignant or emotionally raw physiques to their
carefully considered attire. Each portrait furthermore
complicates our traditional understanding of the restrictive
male/female binary, traveling along a visual and highly
emotional spectrum, skewing viewer expectations. Each subject
does so as a sensitive marker of space that can be both
expressive and open and formally reserved.

Awards AP24 American Photo Competition Winner.
Lucie Foundation Intl Photo Competition 2015 Winner Nude Catogory.
Round Hole Square Peg LGBTQ Contest Winner