Honorable Mention / 2018 / Advertising / Beauty


  • Photographer
    Win Nox

When a group of young people wake up each other's dreams, desperate,
even if we continue to encounter setbacks, we continue to move forward,
in a perseverance belief for the dream combination, this is the FIB gym is
also Jessica, is fortunate to have the opportunity to help them filming

Awards 2016 PX3-Silver-Non-Professional Portraiture, Wedding
2016 PX3-Gold-Non-Professional Portraiture, Wedding
2017 IPA-Non-Professiona Prize 3rd Place in People /Wedding*1&Honorable Mention*3
2017 PX3-Silver-Non-Professional Advertising/Beauty&Honorable Mention
2018 IPA-- Professional Honorable Mention
2018 PX3-- Professional Honorable Mention