Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Landscape

Luna Eclissi

  • Company
    Grossetti Contemporary Art
  • Photographer
    Edoardo Romagnoli

It is 30 years that i am working with the Moon.
I draw images of the Moon moving the camera, without post
production work.
In this case, I caught the Moon during the last eclipse of 7th of
August 2017.

Born in Milan in 1952. He starts photographing during a trip in Scandinavia focusing his attention on reportage for fifteen years. Since Nineties he devotes himself to personal research and he begins to exhibit in solo exhibitions and collectives in Italy and Abroad.
His masters have been Giulio Confalonieri, one of the most significant designers, master of aesthetic and life; John Goodman, photographer, artist and great communicator.
His research is based on graphic composition and the magic of light, as the series of images of the "Luna" (Moon).
Some works connect to the idea of time: the book "Ulivi" (Olive Trees), represents this theme on the basis of a whole year; in the book "'999", the trapped time explodes in 15 minutes of roars and flashes to announce the arriving of a new millennium.
Other works connect to the idea of movement; the project "Corse"(Runs), "Alberi" (Trees) and "Città" (Cities).
Big attention and interesting in the search of the expressiveness of the body are evident in the last series "Autoscatti" (Automatic releases), "Performance", and "Sogni" (Dreams).