Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / People_FA

portraits in fragments

  • Photographer
    Patricia van de Camp

Reality doesn’t always present itself the way it really is.
Patricia explores the relativity of reality and of beauty in particular.
There’s a classical view on beauty that one cannot add anything to it
nor take away from it and not make things worse.
Patricia van de Camp She explores this notion through her
photography. What happens if you leave out or add elements?
Patricia makes portraits which she digitally cuts into pieces and then
re-assembles them in a totally different way.
In this manner she removes beauty from reality and creates a new
beauty with her images.
In her search Patricia explores the boundaries, asking herself time and
again how far she can wander from the classical notion of beauty
without overshooting the mark.
Without it becoming gaudy or forced and still retaining the power of
the story.
Her photos introduce people to a reality with a different notion of

Awards 2012
- Nomination Sony World Photography Awards (category Conceptual Art)