Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / Performing Arts

The Last Mime

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  • Photographer
    Hristo Rusev

25 years ago a young man from a small Bulgarian town decided to
follow his dream. He is Guerassim Dichliev. As soon as he arrived in
the French capital, he was casting the world-famous mime Marcel
Marceau. Guerassim receives invitation from the Maestro to become
his pedagogical assistant in 1997. Marceau lived only for the
pantomime. But the end is coming. France's cultural policy has
changed, the Paris City Hall stopped financing Marcel Marceau’s
international school and closed it in 2005. This, in fact, predetermines
the destiny of the Maestro. After a little over a year he died. Marceau
was credited with single-handedly reviving the art of mime after World
War II, after two decades The mime performances are becoming less
and less visited by the audience. Art is not a business where you will
invest money and expect the big benefits, says Guerassim. He believes
not to be the last.

My name is Hristo Rusev, 26 yrs old freelance photographer. Stringer photojournalist for Getty Images, storyteller documentary cameraman for Bulevardi.bg, based in Bulgaria.5 years contributor for NurPhoto(2015-2020). I have been working as a photographer for 12 years. I have reported on: Conflict zones, social issues, political changes, sport and my photographs have been published in media like: The New York Times, WSJ, The Guardian, DW, BBC, CNN and others.

Awards -Px3 Honorable mention in 2018 and 2020.
-2020 Piblished my new photo book"Vasko Vassilev - Back Light". It is documentary story about the life backstage of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Concert Master backstage, Vasko Vassilev.
-In 3 consecutive years I have been awarded The best Bulgarian young photojournalist prize by BG PRESS PHOTO, as well as the first prize in the category International Photojournalism.
-Pic of mine is one of the CNN tops 100 travel photos from 2019 selection.
-NOOR academy masterclass in 2019.
-Published my first documentary photo book "The Last(eternal)Mime"(2014-2018).
-I have been participating in Masterclass courses by Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt Sony WPO.
-Lens Culture portfolio reviews,during World Press Photo.
-In 2017 a picture of mine was amongst the top rated in Magnum photography awards.