Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA


  • Photographer
    Amber Zakala

Since the beginning of most civilization women have been placed
under a level of subordination below men. Men are the default,
women the other. Suffocated under cloaks of patriarchy.
I represent the death of woman and femininity- with the words behind
me, and more so the mentality behind those words, being what kills
For this piece I invited women to write misogynistic things they've had
said to them in their life. The 10 volunteers used this as a release of
oppression and negativity. I noticed the volunteers would stare at the
backdrop and find many of the already written words relatable- which
proved to me something I already knew, that misogyny is a universal
disease that all women are victims of.
This project was a reminder for me of just how incredibly strong,
resilient, and courageous women are. After everything we've
individually been through, we don't let it defeat us. We rise above.

24 year old Fine Art Photographer and poet. I've earned a Digital Photography certificate at Jackson College, and trained with a master photographer.
In my work I strive to free the voice within me, letting out my inner most thoughts and imagination. I also use my art as a tool to speak on issues I’m passionate about, hoping that first and foremost my love for humanity will show through. I often use myself as a subject, and I love to incorporate unique wardrobe and makeup to aid to my concepts.