Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / People/Personality


  • Photographer
    Angelo Ferrillo
  • Credit
    The complete work is 10 images

Together with the sun, the sea, the sand and the rubbish heaps of
an old landfill site, Malecón de Cienfuegos (Cuba) is home to a
project. This project is carried out by José Alamo Utria, an old
Cuban boxing legend who trains and raises young and willing
Cubans of all ages with passion, discipline and method every day,
allowing them to mature with the knowledge that they can become
Fidel's post-revolution policy guarantees Cubans a social state
that allows them to have education, health and sports activities
completely free, but there is no infrastructure for practicing
However, this limitation can be overcome by passion and
constancy. All it takes is a pavement you can warm up on, a bag
attached to a tree you can punch and a rope that can form a ring
on the sand, so you can train in order to grow.

I was born in Naples in '74, where I studied engineering and first became interested in photography, eventually becoming a self-taught professional photographer. I currently work as a photojournalist and corporate photographer, and I am also a professor of photography at IED (European Design Institute) in Milan and PHOTO OFFICINE Milan.

After completing my studies for a Master in Photojournalism (for which I was awarded a scholarship with merit) and a Master in Photoediting and Iconographic Research, I began working as a photojournalist, producing reports for news agencies, portraits and news services, as well as carrying out work on commission for publishing houses and personal photography projects.

I am well known to the public for my street photography and news services, and am actively involved with national and international publishers and international brand leaders in the urban style sector, designing and developing images for social adv and brand communications.
I am a member of AFIP International and Hasselblad Ambassador