Honorable Mention / 2018 / Press / General News

Efforts to create a world that is not ashamed of our children.

  • Company
    republic of korea
  • Photographer
    Kwangchan Song

Last year there was a big deal for democracy in South Korea. Every
citizen joined the streets with a candlelight vigil. It was for our
future children. So, there were many people together in family
unit. He is a child who remembers events in the future.

I majored in mechanical engineering, but after graduation I started working as a photographer. I set the foundation for the photographer's activities by operating a photo space "BITTARAE"(an alternative space), and since then I have been active in a wide range of fields ranging from exhibition, planning and commercial photography. Using infrared imaging techniques, the museum mainly focuses on displaying the near view of Korea in a familiar way, and is currently working on the artworks by capturing the beautiful palaces, traditional houses, and temples of Korea. Recently, through various mat

Awards * Collected Artwork
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, OCI, Yeongwol County Office, KOMA, LEESANG art space, Gallery Tom, Noam gallery, ECT

* Prize
2018. 03 2016 Korea-Japan Photo Contest
2018. 02 ART-236 competition
2018. 01 Gallery han-ok art competition
2017. 11 4th bupyeonggu cultural foundation auction
2016. 11 2016 Korea-Japan Photo Contest

2018.03 ~ 12 CAN foundation, seoul, korea
2014.07 (1month) residency program in hbksaar, Germany