Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Other_FA

Spiritual homeland

  • Company
    Freelance photographer
  • Photographer
    Fan Wu (Chinese name 吴凡)

I often walk in the tunnel of time looking for the self image of my
heart. I think photography must be related to ourselves, and we do not
just take pictures with the camera. What we bring into photography is
the books we have read, the paths we have traveled, the people we
love, the paths we have come to now all converge into the pictures you
have taken, and they are presented in a single frame. I hope I can let
my body wandering with my heart day and night, with my heart
searching for every moment I met. I think time is one of the biggest
issues for me. It can quietly take everything away from you, and I am
only a recorder of time. I want to record everything related to me
through the camera Deep inside the most essential aspect.

Awards LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards was in the top 7%
2017 Sony World Photography Awards top 50
Shanghai International Photography Festival
i'nan International Photography Festival