Honorable Mention / 2018 / Fine Art / Abstract

Espacio neon

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Mariana Corcuera Bain

This project came to life one night that i was analyzing a blue
neon light. I love neon. I was developing a new still life series, and
decided to make an experiment with a picture of a silver shell that
I had taken long ago. I loved the result, and decided to make this
blue, black and white abstract series.

I was born in M�xico City, in 1984. I studied communications in the Iberoamericana University, specializing in Audiovisual communications. I studied photography abroad, 6 months in Barcelona in the IED school, afterwords I went to NY, an other 6 months to SVA, and Sothebys. I also worked for Santiago and Mauricio Sierra.
I've been working in the photo industry since I was 24. I mostly did food photography and fine art, which is in what i specialize right now.

Awards individual Exhibit "Los sueños de Inés" with Patricia Conde Galeria, 2010.
Madrid Foto with Patricia Conde Galería 2010. with the series "Los sueños de Inés"
Collective exhibition with Natalia Dávila Fine art 2011.
Individual "encapsulated photography" series "Duermevela" in Independent gallerie, Mexico City. 2012
Exhibition in independent gallery, "A través del cristal", 2013
Exhibition in BMV (Mexican stock market) "Orígenes", 2015