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The Next Generation

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    Pamela Hanlan, United States
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My friend is a teacher in the local rural high school. She has a class on Current Affairs and has 5 students.She invited me into the classroom to meet the students and document their thoughts on today's world. Our first meeting was discussion and learning. From there every session and scene was both planned and haphazard, but always fun. The message that seemed most important to them was that they could respectfully disagree with open discussions even though they come from different backgrounds. They are intelligent and aware and to think otherwise is insulting. The apple represents knowledge.

It has taken me a while to consider myself a photographer. In my lifetime I have been daughter, sister, wife, mother, empty nester, grandmother, great grandmother, widow and partner. Never in those years was I a photographer. Frankly except for family memories, I didn't have time. Some might and have said that that I am stubborn. I prefer determined. I have also been described as quirky, but only by those who say they love me. I have always seen stories in the world around me but without a camera didn't have a way to tell these stories. Now that I have a camera, the stories are being told

Awards Two Bronze Awards in Rise Awards, finalist and honorable mentions in Urban Photography Awards, Honorable Mentions in 2020 and 2021 International Photo Awards, two honorable mentions in Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, Honorable mentions in Budapest International Foto Awards, Honorable mentions and 3rd place in amateur portrait awards in Monochrome Photo Awards, Short listed Siena Creative Awards, Ist place self portrait in 16th Pollux Awards, Merit Award Fotonostrum Portrait Awards, overall amateur winner Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2021, second place product, IPA, non professional, hon. mentions and editor's choices IPA, curatorial choice PX3 State of the World, Silver Budapest Awards, official selection London International Creative, published FotoNostrum Magazine.