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Fleeing War: South Sudanese Refugee Mothers

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    Matilde Simas
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    Matilde Simas
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In 2013, conflict broke out in South Sudan, leading to a dangerous situation of armed conflict, economic decline, disease and hunger. With thousands of new arrivals fleeing to Uganda every day, South Sudan remains Africa’s largest refugee crisis. The series aims to empower refugee mothers and foster a dialogue about the need to safely access water, food, and firewood in the Imvepi Settlement, Uganda. Collecting food, water, and firewood in many African countries is a huge burden on women. Lack of safe access to these resources can be life-threatening particularly in conflict situations.

Matilde Simas is a photographer based in Boston, MA. Her unique style focuses on documentary and fine art, with her imagery simultaneously reflecting the sensitivity and the strength of her subjects. Matilde uses the capacity of photography to inform, provoke discussion, and inspire action by public speaking and exhibiting her work in museums, galleries, and public spaces. Her work on human trafficking has been widely exhibited by various UN agencies. She has recently been awarded a UNICEF Picture of the Year HM.