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Covid Quiet

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    Lisa Cutler
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It was early April, 2020 when life in the east end of Long Island, New York hadn’t just felt as if it had stopped. Life seemed frozen in time and in its stillness.I experienced a disorientation. I passed through places that over the years I had seen hundreds of times before. Now, busy streets and thrivings businesses that are generally bustling with locals were empty. Everything looked different. It was like seeing the world for the first time. The details that I might have missed were ever present. I felt like I discovered a new, misty soft and frozen world. It was unfamiliar.

Lisa Cutler is a New York-based photographer, whose practice spans, landscape, portraiture and street photography. Following a successful career as a TV Producer and Director, she is currently focused on making a
series of photographs exploring the urban landscape of Red Hook, Brooklyn - which was recently recognized with an Honorable Mention at the Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris (2019).

Most, recently, Lisa’s Red Hook series work was selected by The Los Angeles Center of Photography, to be included in the Project 2020 Exhibition. Red Hook also won the 15th Annual Julia Margaret Camero

Awards 2020 Julia Margaret Cameron Award Winner,Non Professional CityScapes, Red Hook
Los Angeles Center of Photography Exhibition, Project 2020 Winner, Red Hook
Fresh 2020, finalist, Red Hook
NYC4PA, First Prize,Jurors choice and honorable mention, Red Hook