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Zohra orchestra the first and only all-girls orchestra Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Company
    Rachel Corner / De Beeldunie
  • Photographer
    Rachel Corner

With the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban and IS are rapidly gaining control and ground in the country makes this story once again incredibly relevant and confronts us with a sad reality about women's future in the country.

Zohra orchestra, is the first and only all-girls orchestra in Kabul, Afghanistan.

These girls bravely stood up against their family members and an oppressive society. Now with the Taliban gaining power, we can only hope that they will be able to continue their lives as musicians and not get suppressed again under new Taliban rule.

Rachel Corner is a documentary photographer from the Netherlands. Her projects are on social issues like the situation of illegal immigrants in Europe and their journey to get there, the live of the Saharawi refugees in the Sahara desert and the tragedy for the mothers and/or wifes of the disappeared in Algeria. But she also works closer to home were she made a book on the last farmers working within the city limits of Amsterdam.