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Renaissance Stated - Email God Church is Closed

  • Photographer
    Kimberly Simmons
  • Credit
    @canadiankas_photos - Kimberly Simmons

I had followed Renaissance for over a Year who is an Artist of the Street in Art and Fashion. He takes his words to the street to show his Art. He is a conduit of his ancestors if you ever seen his work as it vibes an energy. His statement is about how you cannot get Spiritual Guidance during the Ontario Lockdown in Toronto, Canada as the churches had been closed. I took this in Yorkville where he had brought his words to the Mink Mile of Toronto. A was taking photos as people passed by the spot. Streeting Art in Photography is a favourite past-time of mine as I follow a lot of Urban Artists.

Photographer who explores Toronto and the world with my son or by myself to capture the photos I see. I create every day with my photographs by walking the streets of the city. Love to just support an area of the city by blasting photographs of the BIAs. Lot of my photographs are taken on the street of people and objects. I chase light and shadows on how it my play on my subjects. Nature has also been explored in my city with all the beautiful parks that can be explores. Love to travel and experience the culture around me by just going. I just keep learning everyday the nuances of photography.