Curator Selection / 2021 / /

Pray for the world

  • Photographer
    shin Jung Pan
  • Credit
    Shin Jung Pan

It is a turbulent era. A fierce virus has claimed people’s lives. Cruel warlords have slaughtered good people. Sad lovers suffer from the pain of losing Beloved.
Young people are full of anger, old people are broken. Babies are crying in the ward, and the nurses are helpless. The doctor dropped his hands, his father fell to his knees, and the world seemed to come to the end, waiting for the coming of the final judgment

At this sad and powerless moment, the pious people folded their hands and prayed for God’s blessings, hoping that he can keep his vows, save the tortured

Awards The Selected Award of Kaohsiung Fine art Awards 2006
The Grand Prize in Nature category of Taiwan area of National Geographic International Photography Contest 2006
The Grand Prize of Taiwan Emerging Photographic Artist Award, 2006
The Selected Award of Kaohsiung Fine art Awards 2008
The Selected Award of the 6th Taoyuan Creation Award
2009 PX3 Advertising non professional Advertising - 3rd place Beauty
2009 IPA Non-Professional Honorable Mention
2009 LICC Professional Installation 1st
The Selected Award of 2009 Epson Color Imaging Contest & Taiwan Honorable Award