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America in turmoil

  • Company
    Joe Patronite/photography
  • Photographer
    Joseph (Joe) Patronite
  • Credit
    ©joe patronite

“My Americana” is a long-term photography essay. Its goal: create a contemporary view of the people, places or happenings which depicts The United States of America. What defines this country? Patriotism, free speech, and choices of religious practices all are undercurrents in this essay. A record of the political process is vital, with a chasm of opposing doctrine bordering on fanaticism, as were the protests nationally. COVID-19 became a battle about mask wearing, defiance, and super-spreader events. The election protests of January 6, 2021 in Washington D.C. round out this collection.

Joseph Patronite has spent his life behind the camera, having his first pictures published in newspapers while in his teens followed by a dozen years of daily photojournalism. Sports, editorial and advertising imagery have been commissioned and produced since the 1980’s.

He is a three-time nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in Photography.

“My Americana”, is a contempcontemporary collection of imagery on the United States of America. Thematically this project deals with current issues, patriotism, secular and non-secular celebrations among other topics. Coverage includes COVID-19.

Awards Pulitzer Prize: Three-time Nominee in Photography (1981, 1987, 1990)
American Photography: New Face Nominee, New Talent Under 30 Years of age (1980)
NPPA, Pictures of The Year Competition: First Place – Sports Picture of the Year (1980)
College Photographer of the Year: National Competition – Second Place (1978)
William Randolph Hearst: National Photojournalism Competition – Finalist (1978)
Ohio News Photographers: Pictures of the Year/ Photographer of the year – Second Place (1978) (Professional award as a student.)
Arizona News Photographers: Pictures of the Year/ Photographer of the year – Second Place (1981)
APA/LA Off the Clock: Los Angeles, Traveling exhibition; Two images/Selected (2021)
IPA Photography Awards: Four Honorable Mentions in four categories. Deeper Issues Series, People/Street, Editorial/Contemporary Issues, Event/Traditions. (International 2020)
Black & White Spider Awards 15: Ten Nominations in three categories. Winners include 3rd Place- Honor of Distinction in Photojournalism. Honorable Mentions (3) in Photojournalism, Honorable Mentions (2) in People and Honorable Mention (1) in Portrait (USA 2020)
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris/ State of the World: Curator Selection/Winner ; (France 2020)
Sienna International Photo Awards: Finalist; (Italy 2020)
IPA/One Shot- Movement: Honorable Mention (USA 2020)
APA/LA Off the Clock: Los Angeles, Traveling Exhibition; Three images/Selected (2020)
AI-AP American Photography 35: Chosen (2019)
Black & White Spider Awards: Honorable Mention “International” (2019)
AI-AP American Photography 34: Selected (2018)
AI-AP American Photography: Selected Top 20, Untitled Show (San Diego, CA 2018)
Black & White Spider Awards: 4 Nominations , Honorable Mention “Children of the World” (2018)
One Eyeland Photography Awards: Finalist (2018)
One Eyeland Photography Awards: Honored, Photojournalism Category (2018)
Latin American Fotographia 8 : Winner (2018)