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I saw him on the subway in Manhattan. He entered the subway car and he seemed a giant from my seated perspective. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with “FUCK RACISM IF YOU DON’T AGREE IN HELL YOU BE"… I was impressed by his blatant message so I started a conversation with him. He said that he had put the letters on the shirt himself. I asked if I could photograph him. He said he was on his way to the boxing gym for a workout. I asked if I could photograph him working out. He said okay. I went home, collected my camera and rushed to the gym to photograph him. His shirt said it all!

I was born in France, of French/Italian/American lineage, and was raised primarily in New York and California.
My interest in photography was sparked when I worked in the creative department of a boutique advertising agency. Eventually, I left the agency and immersed myself in photography by getting hired as the janitor in a large commercial photo studio. It was at this point that I learned photographic techniques and processing.
My strongest inspiration came from the classic Hollywood films of the 1930's that were shot in huge studios. The lighting was magnificent!
I primarily work in my photo studio. I feel it's more intimate and allows me total control of the light. Another benefit is that a shooting can happen anytime of the day or night. I use a small crew. In addition to the models, I have a make-up artist, a hair stylist, a prop/fashion stylist, and my assistant. I found that working with fewer people on the set creates a camaraderie where ANYONE can contribute to the project: A good idea doesn't care WHO has it...
In 2005, I left the US and relocated (with my four kitties) to New Zealand, where I currently live and work.
My work has shifted away from commercial advertising to FineArts imagery for galleries and public spaces.


Honorable Mention, Fine Arts/Portraits /Lucie Awards
Distinction Honours, (ARPS)
Royal Photographic Society, UK
Prix d'Or de la Photographie, Paris
American Photographer
Art Directors’ Club, NY
Art Directors’ Club, LA
Creativity Award
Print Magazine Award
The ONE Show, NY
Photography Masters’ Cup
Art of Photography
Black & White Spider Award
International Loupe Awards
Nikon Self-Promotion Award
PDN Pix Award
AltPick Photo Award