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Dance Floor Magic

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    Gloria Golden
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    Gloria Golden
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Drama. The flamenco dancers performed their magic on the dance floor, moving to the rhythms of the guitars and mandolins. Emotion was high as they moved across the stage, and the audience couldn't get enough.

Gloria Golden was born in Brooklyn, New York. For twenty-three years she taught in the New York City elementary schools. Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans, her first book, was published by Floricanto Press in 2005. The oral histories contained in the book exposed the plight of the brave men and women who sought to rediscover their Jewish heritage. Gloria has since published her black and white photographs in the books, DESATURATED Soul, Brooklyn Revisited: My Journey Back, Photography: An Intimate Approach. Her latest book, Metallic Metropolis, will be released shortly.

Awards Among her many awards, she has received special recognition for her photo, High-Spirited, selected as part of Childhood: An International Photo Exhibition juried by Jamie Lee Curtis, and for the photo, Mint Tea, part of Women In Photography International's traveling exhibit, Teatime, in memory of Linda McCartney. Gloria was also included in the Fifth Annual Exposure Award, shown at a private reception at the Louvre in Paris July 2015. Several photographs were recently published in Creative Quarterly, 2017. Photographs will also be published in CQs 2019 issue.