Curator Selection / 2020 / /

In Other Eyes

  • Photographer
    Rodrigo Paredes
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These photos are part of a personal project, which tries to reflect the reaction of people to the reading of the same text, which was written by me almost a year ago and where I had some situations that I had to live as a child and not so much.
The abuses are many more common than one can imagine, the tears in their eyes, their looks, their gestures, suggest that the portrayed lived something similar or similar. The empathy between the photographer and the portrayed is almost immediate. Silence, anguish, talk without stopping for a second, tears, again silence.

The photography of Rodrigo Paredes captures for eternity the ephemeral. His own struggles with loneliness, distrust, abandonment, and the passage of time commiserate with the subjects of his images. They reflect feelings of abandonment, desolation, neglect, and pain suspended in a singular frame.

Born in Avellaneda, a province of Buenos Aires.

Awards 2019 Arte x Arte – 2do. Premio
2019 Honorable Mention International Photography Awards
2018 Premio Estímulo de Fotografía Francisco Ayerza – Selección
2017 Premio Estímulo de Fotografía Francisco Ayerza – Selección
2016 Premio Estímulo de Fotografía Francisco Ayerza – Selección
2016 Muestra Colectiva Desnudo Artístico – Alejandra Galanti e Invitados
2016 Muestra Colectica – Noviembre Fotos
2015 Muestra Colectiva – Foto Rock – Emergente Bar