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Kabristan-Land of graves

  • Photographer
    Simone Mestroni
  • Image Location
  • Credit
    Simone Mestroni

Kabristan, meaning graveyard in Urdu, is an attempt to represent the paralyzed potential of Kashmir's conflict, the mixture of anthropological and ideological elements temporary static like tombs, but ready to explode into a new stage of violence.
The project, based on an ethnography research, was developed in Srinagar, the valley's main city and the core of Kashmir's political history, and it blends different aspects of the relation between people and the pressure of the past, primarily perceived as a deadly atmosphere which intertwines with inner and outer landscapes.

After completing his PhD Simone dedicated himself in conveying his academic and anthropological background into more "usable" filmic, narrative writing and photography languages. During his long term ethnographic research in Indian Kashmir he got especially interested in the moral background surrounding and producing political violence and the relations between aesthetics and ethics of conflicts. His first documentary, “After Prayers”, was realized with the support of Wenner Foundation Grant and was awarded at Vienna Ethnocineca, Etnofilmfest and Film Southasia fest.

Awards Deeper perspective award (non pro) at IPA
Silver medal in conflict/editorial at BIFA

Excellence in visual anthropology at Vienna doc fest
Best debut film at Filmsouthasia