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    Bronze in Architecture/Historic
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    Dimitris Sideridis
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Memory is created in places and goes on to live within them in various ways.
Social anthropologist Paul Connerton notes that the basic human pursuit is the preservation of memory. Photographic documentation is perhaps the best way to achieve this.
For decades, the airport of Hellenikon in Athens, it was the bridge between Greece and the rest of the world, until its closure in 2001. In the coming years, it is poised to change dramatically. This final photographic documentation of the airport is another visual testimony aiming to facilitate the return of the collective memory to this place.

D.Sideridis is a photographer/visual artist whose award-winning work has appeared in some of the world’s biggest digital publications, among others. Born in Istanbul, he is currently based between Athens and Doha and produces content on a wide range of social and anthropological issues. He is a contributor with CNN and Al Jazeera providing images and copy for travel features reported from Qatar,Greece,Cyprus and elsewhere and also covering diverse topics related to the refugee crisis, politics and culture.He holds a MA in Photography and Visual Language from the Middlesex University of London.

Awards 2022
- Budapest International Foto Awards:
Silver Winner “Loss and Memory” (Portfolio/Personal)
Bronze Winner “Passage” (Nature/Seasons)
Honorable Mention “Women Refugees” (People/Portrait)
- 10th Olympic Photo Circuit 2022:
GAP Honorable Mention 6 Hermes Salon “Break” (Open-Color)
Nominee’s APOLLO Salon:
“Break” (Open Color)
“Women Refugees” (Open Monochrome)
- PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris Bronze Winner “Women Refugees” (Portraiture/Family)
- reFocus Awards:
People’s Vote Winner:
“Women Refugees” (Photojournalism)
“Break”/Rafael Trejo – Dukes on the Ropes (Portrait)
“The woman and her dog” (Domestic Animals)
“Seaweeds” (Nature)
“Place and Memory” (Architecture)
“Arab Night At The Souq” (Travel)
“Passage” (Aerial)

- Moscow International Foto Awards:
Silver Winner: “Rafael Trejo-Dukes on the Ropes” (Book/Documentary)
Honorable Mention: “Hellenikon” (Editorial/Photo Essay)
- PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Bronze Winner: “Hellenikon” (Architecture/Historic)

- PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Gold Winner: “Rafael Trejo-Dukes on the Ropes” (Book/Documentary)
- Fine Art Photography Awards Nominee: “Rafael Trejo-Dukes on the Ropes” (Photojournalism/Series)
- Annual Photography Awards Honorable Mention: “Rafael Trejo-Dukes on the Ropes”
- Tokyo International Foto Awards Honorable Mentions:
“Rafael Trejo-Dukes on the Ropes” (Book/Documentary)
“Hellenikon” (Editorial/Photo Essay)
- Budapest International Foto Awards Honorable Mention: “Hellenikon” (Editorial/Photo Essay)
- Chromatic Awards Honorable Mention: “Arab Night At The Souq” (Travel)

- IPA - International Photo Awards Honorable Mention: “Arab Night At The Souq” (Travel)

- PX3 Prix de La Photographie Paris Honorable Mention: “Nicosia Airport”
(Press/Feature Story)
- Monovisions Photography Awards Honorable Mention: “Nicosia Airport”