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Bubble Boy

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Self-Promotion
  • Photographer
    George Kamper
  • Studio
    George Kamper Inc.
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Series of photos created by husband and wife team, George & Sherryl Kamper. Shot around their house and featuring a humorous approach to self isolation and "Bubble Boy". The photos are a fun approach to reinforcing self isolation during the Corona lock down.

The main challenges for creating these include that only the 2 of us, my wife Sherryl and I, work on them, and I’m actually inside the bubble (most peeps thought it was all Photoshop….) The bubble has a big zipper that can only be accessed from the outside, so I can’t get in and out without Sherryl’s help... I run out of air in 15 minut

George’s quest for beautiful imagery allows him to create in a wide range of disciplines. Inspired by diversity and gifted with the ability to bring his various experiences into focus, he excels at perceiving and extracting answers visually, while satisfying a myriad of clients.

George takes on every project with a fresh perspective, deep curiosity and a willingness to test and explore. He enjoys delighting clients with his solutions and enjoys a multidisciplinary career.

In his free time, split between New York and Miami, George enjoys scuba diving and boating with his wife Sherryl, and th

Awards APA National Landscape 2013
Communication Arts Photo Annual Winner 2013
PDN The Shot 2013
National Telly and Addy Winner for a TV Commercial
ASMP 2020