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Loss and Lost. The British Army in Helmand

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/War
  • Photographer
    Philip Coburn
  • Studio
    Philip Coburn

Loss & Lost in Helmand with British Forces In Afghanistan. A series of photographs taken over two assignments, 1 with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force 4/73 Battery during the battle forMusa Qala to re-take the town from the Taliban in 2007 & with 45 Commando at 2 Forward Operating Bases, Jackson & Nolay in the notorious Sangin Districtin 2008. 1st image shows Marines from X-Ray Company caring a memorial to 3 Marine comrades who were killed on the previous day during a patrol at a village near Nolay by a suicide bomber which also killed 5 local children.

Photojournalist for 30+ years. Started career in Belfast, worked at Daily Telegraph now staff at Daily Mirror. Past assignments include aftermath of Rwandan genocide, Gulf War II, Hurricane Katrina, Volcanic eruption Montserrat, multiple embeds in Iraq & Afghanistan. During 8th assignment to Afghanistan with 1/3 US Marines in IED blast resulting in loss of lower legs & broken back. Post injury assignments include, Gaza, Iraq,Yemen,Nepal, Ivory Coast,Kenya, New Zealand,Hong Kong & many more.