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Lights In The Night

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Buildings, 2nd Place winner in Architecture
  • Photographer
    Claudio Sericano
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Night in the big city. Some lights are always on.

I started photographing forty years ago. I have always loved urban photography, to which I try to give a minimalist edge. In recent years, I have begun to creatively process architectural photos, trying to provoke emotions, or to tell stories. Some of my most original works, including "Insomnia", which tells of the depersonalization of the human being in the great metropolis, have achieved successes in important international competitions, and have been published on websites and magazines.

Awards 2021 – Winner "Runner Up" in the "Creative Photo Awards" of Siena, Architecture
2021 – APOY "Amateur Photographer of the Year", 6th place in Architecture
2021 – Expert Jury Winner in Premium Contest "Repetition in Architecture", Photocrowd (2,056 photos)
2021 – Expert Jury Winner in Premium Contest "Commercial architecture exteriors", Photocrowd (1,541 photos)