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Well of Death

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/Other
  • Photographer
    siddharth kaneria
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The photograph is of Daredevil Stuntmen at “Well Of Death” performing in their car. Hundreds of spectators crowded around a circular pit to witness daredevil drivers in cars & motorcycles performing stunts in a vertical pit known as the “Well of Death.” Once a sight at festivals across northern India, the practice is now waning but that doesn’t stop festivalgoers and stuntmen from capitalizing on the few remaining Wells of Death in the country. The Photograph is one of the biggest “Well of death” which exist in India. It is said that only 6 of this kind is in practice.

Siddharth Kaneria

An Indian photographer, camera maker and an explorer in the field of the historical photographic printing processes. He is passionate about exploring different cultures, stories & people through photography. With this medium, he seeks to document his personal experiences with people, places and moments as he explores and see them with the aim to share with others the beauty & diversity of the world through his
viewfinder. With the collection of around 200 old & new cameras, he also makes various types of analogue paper/wooden cameras.