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24H winner of Nürburgring

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Automotive
  • Photographer
    Anja Behrens
  • Studio
    behrens photography
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The winning car of Team Rowe Racing from the famous 24H race on the Nürburgring stays in its condition with all the dirt and stains it obtained from the race. It is overcast with a special varnish that is usually used for aircrafts to preserve this state in exactly that condition. These shots are made with that winning car of 2020 in the silence of the box on the Nürburgring in spring 2021.

I am born and raised in southern germany. I studied communications design near Frankfurt with a specification on photography.
After living in Toronto and finishing my degree as a designer, I now live in northern Germany as a freelance photographer and mixed media artist.