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  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Other
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    yasu matsumoto
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These images are the expression of my experience of visiting deep into the forest where there was absolutely no one beside me.
Embraced by the overwhelming being, I entered an unusual state of mind in which I felt both peace and fear, and the forest was one immense singular being and also a very uneven world at the same time.
Such unusual impression I believe is built by the piles of time that are embedded in the process of a forest growing.
Deconstructed pieces are toned with the belongings of the forest such as leaves and soil, and recomposed again to emphasize such phenomenon.

Born in Japan,1976.
Studied photography in San Francisco.
Now, live and work in Tokyo as a freelance photo-artist.

Awards 2013 IPA International Photo Awards - 1st Place in Fine Art / Professional
2015 PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAFIE PARIS - Gold Prize in Fine Art / Professional
2017 PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAFIE PARIS - Bronze Prize in Fine Art / professional