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Gastronomic Capital

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Food
  • Photographer
    Richard Le Manz
  • Studio
    Richard Le Manz
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My city, León, Spain, has achieved this year 2018 the title of
Gastronomic Capital of Spain. A magnificent opportunity to show
the world and the rest of Spain our excellent products as well as
our magnificent gastronomy. This series of photographs are made
in this frame and as a conceptual tribute to has this wonderful land, its gastronomy, and its magnificent wine.

An enthusiast of painting during his childhood and adolescence, he developed a facet of emotional sensitivity and visual perception that he exercises on his travelling experiences. He began his research and photographic projects in search for the beauty and grandeur of the most impressive landscapes of the planet; of the places already visited and those that remain to be explored.
Gradually, studying art, and the spatial vision learned during his engineering training, will define the way he perceives art. Progressively, the artist has combined and utilised research and work with elements of engineering and design as a means of expression, looking for the beauty in uniting the physical and the conceptual.
Photography utilised as a way to transmit the beauty, the sensations, the smell, the sound and even the state of mind that takes us to a certain image. However, the artist has understood that photography is not only an artistic activity but a vital experience, a means of liberation to transmit ideas.