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Old Worlds Looking at New

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    Bronze in Advertising/Fashion
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    2b+photo (2bplusphoto)
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CONCEPT: Old, dated worlds get a view of a woman in modern
couture... reactions ensue. In the end, they ended up always admiring
her from afar. LOCATION: Hycroft Manor, University Women's Club of
Vancouver, Vancouver B.C., Canada

2b+photo (Tobias Meier) specializes in storytelling photography for fashion and advertising. 2b+photo makes conceptual photography, with many intricacies to draw the viewer in. He carefully combines complex sets, backdrops and visual effects for contemporary photography with a surrealist and pop-art feel. His work is detailed and colorful, communicating brand aesthetics through highly stylized photography.

His portfolio features international designers including designers regularly featured at Paris Fashion Week. 2b+photo editorials have gained over 50 international fashion photography awards

Awards 2021
TIFA - HM, Adv/Fashion
Chromatic Awards - 4xHM, Fashion and Beauty
C2A - 2x HM, Fashion/Photography - 2x HM, Adv/Photography
BIFA - Silver, Adv/Fashion - HM, Adv/Fashion - 2x HM Adv/Fashion
ND Awards - 4x HM, Fashion/Beauty - HM Conceptual
Spider Awards - Nom. Fashion
IPA - 2xHM, Fashion and Beauty
PX3 - Bronze, Adv/Other
MIFA - Silver, Adv/Beauty - Silver, Adv/Fashion - Bronze, Portfolio/Adv - HM, Adv/Fashion
American Photography 37 - Selected Winner
Fine Art Photography Awards - 3x Nom. Fashion
Color Awards - Nom. Fashion
One Eyeland Top10Fashion - Bronze, Adv - Bronze, Editorial - Finalist, Adv - Finalist, Editorial
TIFA - HM, Editorial / Fashion
C2A - 2x BestOfBest, Fashion/Photography - 3x BestOfBest, Adv/Photography - 3x Winner, Adv/Photography - 2x Winner, Fashion/Photography
Chromatic Awards - 1st Place, Fashion and Beauty - 2xHM, Fashion and Beauty
BIFA - Bronze, Editorial/Fashion - Bronze, Portfolio/Adv
ND Awards - HM, Fashion/Beauty
IPA - 2x HM, Adv/Fashion
PX3 - Silver, Adv/Fashion - 2x HM, Adv/Fashion
Fine Art Photography Awards - 2x Nom., Fashion
Color Awards - HM - Nom.

One Eyeland Top10Fashion - 3x Finalist, Adv - 3x Finalist, Editorial
TIFA - Silver, Adv/Fashion - 2x HM, Portfolio/Adv
Chromatic Awards - 5x HM, Fashion and Beauty - 2x HM, Conceptual - 2x HM, Photomani.
ND Awards - 2x HM, Special/Adv - HM, Fashion/Beauty - HM, Fine Art/Conceptual
BIFA - Bronze, Adv/Fashion - Bronze, Portf./Fashion - HM, Portf./Fashion
IPA - 2nd Place Special, Special Effects - HM, Adv/Fashion - HM, Adv/Conceptual - HM, FineArt/Other
Felix Schoeller Photo Award - Shortlisted, Fashion
MIFA - Bronze, Editorial/Fashion - HM, Adv/Fashion
Color Awards Nom. Fashion
LICC - HM, Photography
Fine Art Photography Awards - 2x Nom. Fashion - Nom. Conceptual - Nom. Photomani.

IPA - HM, Adv/Fashion - HM, Special/Special Effects
PX3 - Bronze, Adv/Fashion
TIFA - 2x Silver, Adv/Fashion - 2x Bronze, Adv/Editorial - Silver, Fine Art/Special Effects - Bronze, Fine Ar