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Battle of Flags

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Political
  • Photographer
    Jordi Cohen
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From September to December 2017, Barcelona has been immersed
in a multitude of public demonstrations for and against the
independence of the Spanish state. In all of them we have been
able to observe a multitude of flags and symbols with different
meanings, and in many occasions also linked to opposing feelings.

Jordi Cohen is a documentary photographer based in Barcelona. With a Medical background, make fundamentally social reports. His work attempts to convey emotions linked to cultural aspects of different countries and civilizations. Has exhibited his work in Europe and America, to highlight San Diego Art Institute, CEH “Manege” St. Petersburg, Royal Geographical Society of London, Gallería Hector Garcia of Mexico City, International Festival of Social Photography in Sarcelles (France), Couvent des Minimes of Perpignan, Complejo el Águila Exhibition Hall of Madrid.