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  • Prize
    Silver in Book (Series Only)/Nature
  • Photographer
    Pawel Mlodkowski

I remember the moment when almost 20 years ago, for the first
time in my life, I started paragliding. I am still flying today.
My first love, however, is photography - the magic of image
retention. Therefore, I feel much more like a flying
photographer than a photographing pilot. For many years I have
traversed the skies following the image. Water shapes the
landscape and creates breathless images. The photographs in
this book were taken from a bird's eye view over fragments of
Poland, abound with natural and man-made bodies of water.

Pawel Mlodkowski - born in 1975, photographer and paraglider pilot whose passion and specialism is aerial photography.

Since 2005 he has been focused on projects which show human activity seen from a bird's eye view ("Fields of soul” and „Aesthetics of destruction”).
The results of farming and industrial activity unexpectedly gain another dimension and start to look more like paintings.
The earth seems to be a living canvas painted by a number of anonymous artists. And the same piece of land seems to change all the time regarding its shape and colour.