/ 2018 / /


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Earth
  • Photographer
    Kacper Kowalski
  • Studio
    Kacper Kowalski FABRYKA

What would happen if mankind vanished? What will happen tomorrow,
in a year, in a generation, in a thousand years? I have experienced a
futuristic vision when a few centimetres of snow covered the world,
and I, paragliding above in dificult weather conditions, started to feel
emptiness: Under my rib cage an unfamiliar planet, abandoned by
people. Cold, empty, and strange. The sky merges with the Earth in
front of me, the depths of whiteness stretch behind me. Through
horizonless fog I move instinctively from one shape to the next,
guided by structures and forms. I plunge deeper and deeper until all
that remains is the here and the now, within which I meditate. With
my whole being I experience the disturbing, ephemeral universe that
belongs to nobody, not even to myself. I’ve found my Utopia. It
doesn’t matter what I see when looking but what I feel. OVER.