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Anatomie d'une famille française

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Family
  • Photographer
    Armelle Kergall
  • Studio

Anatomy of a French family

Armelle Kergall has a big family: 124 members including only
grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brother, nephews
and first cousins

To bear the same name, to share the same genes is it enough to
create a common territory? What is the invisible link that unites
a lineage?

In 2005, the artist begins to portray each member of her family
in the manner of an ethnologist. Through the shooting sessions,
she recreates her family tree. She tries to capture in a shot the
essence of each character. Posing in the room that defines them
best - a bedroom, an office, a closet...- in casual clothes and
surrounded by objects that tell about themselves.

Fascinated by sagas, great dynasties or theories of
psychogenealogy, Armelle Kergall considers "Anatomy of a
French family" as a lifetime project. A project in development,
perpetually enriched with discoveries, unexpected meetings and

Armelle Kergall is a French photographer currently based in Tokyo. Launched in 2003, her photographic project Anatomie d’une famille française (Anatomy of a French family) seizes moments of everyday life. It invites the spectator to question the invisible that brings together a bloodline.

Family loyalty, collective memory and atavism are all topics discussed in her work. Her lush colored pictures taken with a medium format camera take us into an universe which is reminiscent of Renaissance portraits.

Awards 2013 / Winner of the « Bourse du Talent Portrait » for the work Anatomie d’une famille française(Anatomy of a french family)