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Lives in Limbo

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    Gold in Press/General News
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    Francesco Pistilli
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The tightening of the so-called Balkan Route into the European
Union left thousands of refugees stranded
as they attempted to travel through the country to seek a new life
in Europe.
Many spent the freezing Serbian winter in derelict warehouses
behind Belgrade's main railway station.
The buildings were crumbling with broken windows, no electricity,
no heating, or water. They were stuck in a "sub-zero" Limbo.
Inside those buildings the air was thick with smoke because of
several makeshift fires.
The dark smoke rendered the visibility to only a few meters, but
the darkness was pierced by the sounds of people coughing.
Europe’s forgotten refugees dying of cold, in an asylum limbo.

I'm an Italian Visual-storyteller. My work has been published and distributed widely on several international and national magazines. Currently I'm focusing on reportage and editorial portraiture with political, social and environmental contents.

I'm also a World Press Photo award recipient (3rd Prize | General News Stories - 2018) with my series Lives in Limbo.

Published on:
TIME, Bloomberg, BBC news, M le Magazine du Monde, L'Espresso, Internazionale, Politico, Wired, Elle, D di Repubblica, Vanity Fair, D-Lui, Corriere della Sera, Süddeutsche Zeitung and more

Awards - WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2018 | General News: Stories -

- Phodar Biennal - Award in Humanistic Photography


- ND Photographer of the year 2017