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Uttar Pradesh

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/People/Personality
  • Photographer
    Monika Koc

Since the early Vedic Period - knowledge was always the most
precious in India. Well educated meant belonging to the
priviledged class. Thousands of years passed away and nothing
changed till contemporary ages. India - seemed unchanged done
some revolutionary moves. Education has become Public. Still
protected anyway, but from now on in some different ways. India
started to protect children not the knowledge itself. Schools are a
little forteress protecting kids. It seems to be almost impossible
to get to any local primary school with a camera and lighting
equipment. Tucked away behind a high fence, protected by
security guards - children trying to do their best. Despite
problems with the permises, overcrowded room - even in schools
founded by the parents - pupils consistently, patiently learn. We
have been permited to enter and visit small local primary school in
Uttar Pradesh