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I love you

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portraiture/Children
  • Photographer
    Mimo Khair
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أحبك "I love you"
Reem is 9 years old. She is a Syrian refugee living in a camp in
North Lebanon. I learned today that she lost both her parents in
the recent conflicts. The only message written on her hand is : I
love you

Mimo Khair is an American/Lebanese artist currently living in Germany. Mimo was born in Lebanon and migrated at a young age to New York City where she began pursuing her artistic journey. She has since lived in Beirut, New York, Miami, Shanghai and currently in Duesseldorf.
Mimo is a photographer, photo artist and motion designer creating short animations in 2d and 3d.
She has been exhibited and published worldwide and is most well known for her portraits of child refugees from Syria, street children from Cambodia, Kinshasa and child soldiers from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

Awards major solo exhibition in Duesseldorf Germany 2015
various exhibitions internationally
featured on Flickr Friday with Video interview
Featured on Yahoo front page with video and story for 2 weekends and video won as best of year.