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  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Sergey Ponomarev
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London is the canary in the coalmine. As Brexit approaches,
London faces a defining moment in its history and a unique
challenge. It is a character in the broader drama of our changing
world. What happens to London is going to tell us a great deal
about the fate of the interconnected, globalized world as we know
it today.
One of the world’s largest and most culturally diverse cities,
London’s distinctive demographic and economic differences set it
apart within the UK. It is arguably more connected to New York,
Moscow, Delhi or Paris than Manchester or Birmingham.
In fact, London is a world within a city. It is the bustling city-state
that primes the pump of the global financial system, a stage for
global culture and sport, a hub for new technology, the noisy
bullhorn of a globally powerful media.

Sergey Ponomarev is one of today's finest young Russian photojournalists. Best known for his photojournalism works depicting Russian daily life and culture as well as news images from wars and conflicts in Middle East including Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya.
Sergey has won many international and domestic photography awards. Most recently, he won Puylitzer prize for reporting on Refugee Crisis in Europe, first place prize, in the General News category at World Press Photo contest for European Refugee crisis, was finalist at the Pulitzer prize in 2015.
From 2003 till 2012 Sergey was staff photographer at The Associated Press - the essential global news network. Now he is freelance. Born in Moscow, Ponomarev graduated Moscow State University and Academy of Labor and Social Relations.

Awards www.sergeyponomarev.com